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(Breather) One great question from Mike about how to return to running after a long layoff opens up a great discussion on the topic of pacing yourself appropriately to avoid the all too common breakdown, burnout, illness, and injury that comes from following the prevailing “no pain, no gain” approach to fitness.

The truth is that getting sore after workouts is not a sign of a job well done, but a way to stall your progress and delay recovery time. A revolution is afoot in fitness, thanks to the great work of Dr. Craig Marker (listen to the HIIT vs HIRT Breather show), Joel Jamieson (listen to his interview here), Firas Zahabi (check out this clip on Joe Rogan where Joe trips out on the insight that you should never be sore after workouts), and Dr. Phil Maffetone (listen to his interview here). If you can perform well within your capabilities, you can build and build without the interruption, immune suppression, and cellular breakdown caused by overly stressful workouts.

We also hear a great success story from Maciej that will get you inspired to put your ego aside and align your workout behaviors with your stated goals, instead of chasing instant gratification. Thanks to listeners for sharing questions and feedback, and please feel free to communicate with us:


Mike Green wants to know the best way to get back into running after hip replacement surgery. You don’t have to suffer. [03:25]

You don’t want to introduce muscle soreness as a regular recurring element of your sprinting training program. [07:11]

If you can’t hold a deep squat position for 3 or 5 minutes, you need to work on this by practicing lunges and stretching. [16:36]

Maciej asks: Could you elaborate on how many workouts per week should be, could be glycolytic.? I'd like to know if you've noticed any changes in your running cadence, uh, or changes in your ego [19:58]

Keep trying to become a fat burner rather than a sugar burner. [25:43]


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