Luke Shanahan: The Ripple Effect Of Our Actions And The Law Of Attraction


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Host Brad Kearns welcomes Luke Shanahan for the momentous occasion of unveiling the true identity of the bestselling book, The God Academy: A Master Class In The Power of Attraction, by Angelica Crystal Powers. ACP is in fact a pseudonym, and the true author of this classic is Luke himself!

This book was written as a satire of the bestselling book The Secret, about the law of attraction. But if you flip through the pages just a bit, you will quickly realize that there are some powerful life lessons offered by Luke ― ideas like how your behaviors have a ripple effect on the entire world. For example, Luke mentions that every day our choice of words can either generate pride or shame in our loved ones. We can take things for granted and miss out on some of the precious simple pleasures of life, or we can jump to gratitude with a quick thought exercise, or by taking inspiration from those who have experienced setbacks and persevered.

In this interview, Luke touches on numerous aspects of the book content, but the discussion is framed by the circumstances of the day, namely the global COVID-19 pandemic and the social distancing obligation. Luke discusses how we live our lives like a movie, injecting drama, and conflict to keep the plot interesting. He talks about how we grossly distort and misinterpret the law of attraction to believe we can call in our dream man or a big house to make us finally happy. Only when you live in gratitude for your present circumstances are you able to unlock the power of attraction. This is a wide-ranging discussion that will really get you thinking about the big questions of life, if not the classic movie Groundhog Day.

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