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With the launch of my Male Optimization Formula with Organs (MOFO), I present to all MOFO’s out there a comprehensive lifestyle plan to fight the battle against epidemic testosterone deficiency in hectic modern life. Did you know that the average American male testosterone level has declined at a rate of one percent per year since the 1980s! That’s crazy, and it’s time to fight back.

MOFO is a unique supplement made with nutrient-rich animal organs from 100 percent grass-fed cattle from New Zealand. It’s designed to naturally boost your testosterone production, increase daily energy levels, and help replenish your body at the cellular level. However, for a testosterone boosting supplement to have a maximum beneficial impact, you must implement a comprehensive lifestyle plan to avoid the major stressors of modern life and give your body the food, exercise stimulus, rest and recovery, and emotional stability it needs to thrive. This recording could change your life, as it details 10 lifestyle tips that form the foundation for the MOFO movement.

Here are the 10 lifestyle objections from your MOFO mission, as reprinted from the MOFO website. I’ll provide further details and inspiration for each item of the assignment. It will take some focus and discipline to correct some of the flawed patterns and bad habits you have fallen into, but everything on this list will feel natural and easy to maintain because it will give you more energy and peace of mind.

  1. Sleep is #1: Health, vitality and peak performance all flow downstream from getting outstanding sleep. Minimize artificial light and digital stimulation after dark, perhaps the worst genetic disconnect in modern life.
  2. Clean Up Your Act: Ditch toxic foods, toxic relationships, toxic substances, and toxic energy in your life. Summon the courage to face life’s challenges and take action, instead of drift into familiar–but dysfunctional–routines and ruts.
  3. Eat Ancestral Foods: Eat sustainably raised animals in a “nose-to-tail” strategy, complemented by nutritious whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Establish a zero tolerance policy for refined grains, sugars, sweetened beverages, industrial seed oils, heavily processed crap, and inferior quality feedlot animals. Emphasize superfoods like grass-fed liver and other organ meats, pastured eggs, oily cold water fish, and fresh local berries.
  4. Pound The MOFO!: Take six capsules per day for at least three months to fully replenish and rejuvenate your energy and help optimize male hormone function. This is honoring our ancestors by putting back in, what the modern world has left out. Guaranteed extra bounce in your step or your money back!
  5. Move Frequently: JFW—Just F—ing Walk—is the key to healthy fat metabolism and stable daily mood, appetite and energy levels. Take frequent walking/stretching/exercise breaks during the workday. Sprinkle formal movement practices (yoga, Pilates), calisthenics, and flexibility/mobility drills into daily life. Humans are meant to move!
  6. Hit It Hard!: Challenge your body with brief, intense strength training sessions and all-out sprints. Explosive efforts will prompt a spike of testosterone and human growth hormone in the bloodstream with tremendous adaptive, anti-aging benefits. A couple formal sessions a week lasting 10-30 minutes is plenty. Also include “micro-workouts” where you haul off a single set of deep squats in your office, or a set of pullups when you walk through the bathroom door. These really add up over time.
  7. Take Control: Overcome nonstop digital stimulation and distraction by focusing, prioritizing, and powering down with unwavering discipline. Implement proactive daily rituals, such as morning exercise before you reach for a bloody screen and kick into shallow, reactive brain function. Daily exposure to cold makes you more resilient to all other forms of life stress.
  8. Avoid Estrogens: Eliminate all plastics touching your food or drink; use stainless steel or glass containers instead. Ditch soy, flax, and corn-based foods; they have 100x more phytoestrogens than other plants! Use all-natural skin and personal care products, such as castile soap, zinc sunscreens, and eco-friendly home cleaners and laundry detergents.
  9. Rest Like A MOFO: Slow down and reclaim the lost art of down time. Try a midday outdoor stroll, a park bench meditation, or afternoon power nap. Rest and recover with the same focus and dedication as your ambitious workouts. Integrate more days off, easy aerobic sessions, foam rolling, breathing practices, and temperature therapy.
  10. Quit Being A Dick To Your Wife/Girlfriend: Real MOFO’s display emotional stability, kindness, and vulnerability. Relationship expert Dr. John Gray (Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus) says your primary biological drive is to protect your female from danger, but in the modern world her main threat is your own anger and emotional outbursts! Remain calm, cool, collected, and clear thinking amidst the daily stresses of life. “Don’t speak if you have a negative emotional charge,” commands Gray.

Dudes, these are the marching orders of life and the time to start is right now. As you can read in detail on the website, if you fail to accept this MOFO mission, you can experience a slippery slope effect with dynamics such as prolonged periods of stillness and adding a lil’ spare tire around the midsection as you age. When your day includes long periods of sitting — commuting, office job, and digital entertainment leisure time, you become insulin resistant and glucose intolerant. This leads to sugar cravings and fat storage. When you pick up a bit of spare tire, known as visceral fat, it secretes inflammatory cytokines into the bloodstream that inhibit fat metabolism and make you more likely to increase the size of your spare tire. If you are occasionally a bitchy boy with your wife/girlfriend, it tends to happen more and more often. Why not instead become a full-time, full-on MOFO?


How are you going to get your MOJO back? No matter how busy you are, no matter how stressed you are, you can do it. [02:50]

Making an effort and improving is the secret to self-esteem. [04:45]

Sleep is of number one importance. A dark room is a must. [05:29]

When we are in constant summer mode, we are in constant fat storage mode. [07:00]

Our hormonal processes are calibrated to wake up with the rising sun. [11:21]

Make sure your bedroom is as totally black as possible. [14:11]

You want a cool temperature in your room for optimal sleep. [16:59]

Clean up the toxic portions of your life. [17:55]

Just getting rid of the crap (processed foods, feedlot animals and sugars) in your diet puts you way ahead of the game. [19:55]

Get your MOFO (male optimization formula with organs) to get your body rejuvenated. [22:09]

Four pillars of human nutrition are organ meats, meats on the bone, fermented foods and fresh foods. [23:38]

Get up and move throughout the day. It makes your body work better and brain work better. [26:02]

Brief explosive efforts don’t have to be long duration. Hit it hard! [29:55]

Take control of technology. Connect with nature. [33:27]

Get rid of the estrogen in the environment. Avoid all plastics touching your food or drink. [38:16]

Rest; not just talking about sleep. We are talking about downtime. [41:11]

In modern life, the male’s anger and emotional outbursts are a threat to the female. You need to get into testosterone balance. [44:16]

Brad summarizes the ten points for getting your MOFO. [48:21]



  • "Making an effort and improving is the secret to self-esteem."
  • "Go for the SMASH foods. (Sardines, Mackerel, Anchovies, Salmon and Herring)"

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