Creating a NEW LIFE after abuse with Ashley Ramos


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Have you ever been in a situation where you ignored the red flags and all of a sudden you’re stuck?

In this episode, Special Education Teacher Ashley Ramos and I talk all about creating a new life after years of abuse and ignoring the whispers (red flags).

Ashley and I talk about:

  • New relationships and trusting our own process to take it slower than we would have in the past.
  • How to release control and allow someone else to take care of us.
  • Choosing for YOU! Ashley is dressing for her, wearing her hair like she wants and committing to herself first!

This conversation was such a gift to me and Ashley and I created a huge shift and I invite you to listen and TAG me on Instagram @joannavargasofficial with your take-away.

ABOUT ASHLEY: Ashley Ramos works as an Adult Transition teacher for individuals with disabilities in Pasadena, CA. She calls the San Gabriel Valley her home and community.

Ashley is dedicated to self-fulfillment through wellness by developing routines that nurture her body emotionally, physically, and mentally. AKA as Pie, she is a member of C8Dynasty Dance Company where dance serves as an outlet for self expression.


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