Is your life BIG enough?


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It’s really cool when you get your answers to the questions that you’ve been asking!

I’ve been quiet lately. For the past 3 months, I have been in a season of questions. I’ve been asking so many questions and going within to heal, process and discover what’s next for me. My spirit has been calling me to live differently and not do what I normally want to do in order to push, pull and GO.

I’ve been so curious about this season of my life. What is this? What information is here? What’s next for me? How can I create this?

. . . and BOOM! The awareness is here.

I trained myself to ask for a smaller life. I was such a visionary and enjoyed asking for big miracles. I enjoyed this past year and a half and now I am ready and excited to begin asking for a bigger life. I started training myself to ask for less and settle for what is. I had a great time doing so and NOW I am ready to ask for big (again)!

Where are you? Is your life BIG enough? What if you can ask for more? What if you could create more with less?


  • How to notice if you’ve trained yourself to choose a smaller life…
  • A flea can only jump as high as it’s trained.
  • How can we be all of it? Ease, white space and asking for more!

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