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7 layers of energy with Natalya Berdikyan.

In this episode, Natalya Berdikyan and I talk all about the 7 layers of energy and how to notice when you’re in a particular layer and how to shift it.

This conversation was such a gift to me and Natalya and I created a huge shift and I invite you to listen and TAG me on Instagram @joannavargasofficial with your take-aways.

ABOUT NATALYA: Natalya Berdikyan is the founder and CEO of Life By Design Academy and Frontline Consulting, a consulting and coaching firm that help individuals and organizations grow to their full potential beyond existing borders and boundaries.

​Natalya is originally from Moscow. She has lived in the USA, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, and Germany. She has over 20 years of experience in building businesses in various sectors and geographies.

​'Her strength is always challenging the status quo, embracing and managing change.'

Natalya started her career in Business Development and Sales. She then moved from a NASDAQ listed HR corporate to becoming a business partner and General Manager at a Belgian chocolate factory. Being an entrepreneur at heart, she also sits on various boards including at Entrepreneurs’ Organisation (EO).

Natalya consults with businesses and coaches leaders, delivers keynote speeches and trains around the world. Natalya applies her vast experience with handling change, deep exposure to different industries, while finding creative solutions to complex situations. She applies cross-cultural business skills to her coaching and business consultancy practice.

​​Natalya holds an MBA with a focus in Human Resources, and a BA in International Business Management specializing in Marketing. She is an iPEC Certified Professional Coach, a master practitioner of Energy Leadership Index, a COR.E Leadership Dynamics Specialist, and an Associate Certified Coach by ICF (International Coaching Federation), along with being an EO/YPO Forum Moderator.

With her team, Natalya helps individuals and organizations grow beyond mental or geographical boundaries, to achieve lasting change, and to eliminate obstacles that stand in the way to reaching full potential and success.


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