006: Stand Up, Woman! The Secret of Successful Mompreneurs and How They Impact The World with Kelly Ikenberry


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"The optimum impact that women can make is to model that work doesn't have to take over but it can be woven into daily life… There's multiple things you can do during the day even if your primary role is wife and mom." - Kelly Ikenberry

What's the best thing about being a woman? -Women are powerful. Sometimes, it's hard to contemplate how they are able to do so much in a day. This week, Kelly Ikenberry shares her secret in being a successful woman, mom, and wife. Kelly talks about how to achieve your optimum operating level, make an effective schedule, understand yourself better, and the platinum rule of treating others. Also, learn if coaching is for you, how to add finesse in your profession, and how to deal with frustrating situations. Listen in and discover how you can start impacting the world!

Work in the Flow with Titus Kleppinger:


01:33 The Love Of Communication

05:02 Get Paid with Coaching

13:22 The Impact That Women Can Make

21:53 How to Have an Organized Schedule

29:08 First Step: Finding Out How We Are Wired

34:23 D-I-S-C Assessment to Understand Yourself Better

38:45 The Platinum Rule

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