007: How to Succeed in Personal Branding with Suzanne Tulien


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“Your brand is not just your space of work. It has to be a part of… who you are and what's authentic to you in every aspect of your world.” - Suzanne Tulien

Your brand is the first thing you think about when you started out on your journey. It creates your identity, embodies your message, and attracts the right people. No doubt you've spent long periods of time thinking about that perfect brand name. Today, Titus sits with Suzanne Tulien to talk about that very topic. Suzanne talks about what makes a brand name effective, how to embed personality into your brand name, how to be consistent about your intent, how branding differs from marketing, and how to communicate your value position. If you are yet to come up with a brand name or have already come up with one but would want to make it better, tune in for tips, guides, and information you need to craft that "perfect" brand name, a name that perfectly reflects your purpose.

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00:51 Consistency In Our Personal Brand

04:12 No Brand Is Universal

09:13 Personal Brand

12:05 Branding Versus Marketing

17:39 Personal Brand Is An Authentic Self

26:56 Characteristic Of A Successful Personal Brand

29:20 Coaching Versus Consulting

31:39 How To Communicate Your Value Position

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