#119 Be Brave with Vanessa McDonald


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She worked in PR & Marketing for 17 years, before she became a Leadership and Business Coach and the Founder and CEO of Courage Creator. Vanessa McDonald created her beautiful product: The Brave Journal. This very special journal is the process Vanessa used to step out of her comfort zone and launch her business. It’s a guide that has helped hundreds of people to build a happier life by taking brave action.

In today's episode, we talk about

  • How bravery can help successful women prevent burnout

  • What to do when you're tired from the soul

  • How to finally stop believing the excuses in your mind when something is on your heart

  • The difference between bravery and courage

  • How to use the Brave Bet process to grow within yourself

  • Her special discount for you!

And so much more!

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