#123 Channeling Divine Healing Through Music with Londrelle


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He struggled in college, contemplated suicide, and experienced a lot of trauma in his life. However, since a very young age, music never left him, even though at times, it felt like it did. Londrelle is a Poet, a musician and an author who is here to serve others through his art and poetry. His music has inspired me since the beginning of 2020 and has touched my heart deeply in many ways.

In today's episode, we talk about

  • Bad experiences in school, suicide, and run for justice

  • How music and spirituality saved him from taking his own life

  • How to have a healthy relationship with yourself and be self-luminous

  • Why your life is truly impactful with every person that you meet

  • How to be more present in the chaos

  • Why the practice is the goal

  • How to process trauma and heavy emotions

And so much more!

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