348: How to Safeguard Your Small Biz During the Coronavirus Outbreak


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This season we’ve suddenly been thrown into is heavy. It’s brought a lot of uncertainty and devastation and things are shifting rapidly. Businesses have bolted doors, schools have been canceled for the remainder of the year, and people who make a living off of hourly work are wondering when’s the next time they'll be able to meet with clients, offer their services and make a living again.

It’s absolute turmoil and completely heartbreaking, from the chaos and panic of a quickly spreading and deadly illness to the impact this disease has already had on business owners and families everywhere. And it’s equally frightening that no one saw it coming and no one knows when things will take an upswing.

So while I hate the circumstance, I can tell you that in this season of waiting, time is the resource that can help you pivot, grow and expand the most. My hope is that you take this time and space to breathe again, dream again, and put steps into motion to keep this thing running WELL after we’ve made it through this challenging season.

So let’s get into the tangible steps to take right now to keep your business flourishing now and next week and next year and beyond.

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