369: 3 Steps to Start an Email List (Even if You Don't Have a Business)


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Please hit play for a personal and timely update from Jenna. As we move forward with our business content, please expect me to infuse content that is candid, sharing some of the things I am experiencing and learning in this time. This will be me removing the leader hat and leaning into being the student. I only ask that you stick around and learn with me, if you’re ready. Stay tuned as we adjust in forward motion. Now, onto the show. When it comes to marketing, so many business owners are getting it wrong. They are so focused on social media and when social media is your ONLY marketing strategy, you’re building your business on borrowed land. You don’t own the followers, you can’t control the platform, you’re not in control of the changes, shifts, or the experience people are offered.

Business owners should have two main priorities -- that’s it -- two. You should be starting or growing your email list and the sole focus of your social media is to be the handshake, the connection creator, that invites people off of the platforms and on to said list.

Let's focus on your email list. The goal of my social media channels is to guide people to my email list so that I can serve them well in their inbox and eventually invite them to join a paid program or take advantage of an offer. That’s it. Digital marketing simplified, so let’s dive into all things starting your email list.

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