Zero-250 Challenge: Creating Your Sign Up Form And Confirmation Email


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This process is moving quickly! Within these sacred audio walls, you will learn how to create your sign up form AND craft the perfect confirmation email to deliver the offer that you created yesterday with a pretty bow on top. In this lesson, I am covering three unique and easy ways to collect an email address for your opt-in, those must-include items for your opt-in form, how to design and tailor each sign-up form for every offer, structuring your workflow to lead you smoothly from opt-in to delivery (and beyond!)

Assignment 3: Create a signup form and confirmation email for your newly created offer! You’ll also brainstorm 3 more fresh, unique ideas for other offers you’ll create next.

The templates referenced in this module can all be found inside Flodesk. Login to your account, then simply click on “Create New” > “Jenna Kutcher” > and bam! All the coolest templates await!

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