The Goat Cave - EP 080: Steve Crandall, FBM


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Todays guest is one of the most important people in the BMX world, and has been a huge part of shaping BMX to the way it has become. He is the founder of one of the biggest brands in BMX, FBM, which would take the world by storm with their hand built in the USA frames and parts. Not only did their products stand out, but their videos were like none other, you knew you were about to see some crazy shit when you put the tape in. Weather it be dudes trying to break glass bottles over they heads, explosions, or Lou Bickle eating light bulbs, one thing was clear, the FBM dudes loved to party. He was also the face of BMX media for so many years. You couldn’t watch a Props video without seeing him with the microphone in hand. He was a crucial part of road fools, as he brought the video together by interviewing the riders throughout the trip. Things don’t stop there, and in recent years we may have lost FBM, but we have gained his new Coffee brand, Drop In, and also RadShare, a non for profit aimed at keeping the stoke high by giving kids bikes and helmets. He does all this and more from his bus turned home in Richmond VA, the one and only Steve Crandall!

I will be a guest on the 9FiveAdventures podcast next month, here's his Instagram!
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