169 – KRANK Formula 11 Drivers! – Lance Reader Interview


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The KRANK Formula 11 Drivers


KRANK Formula 11 Drivers

Welcome to Episode 169 of THE Golf Improvement Podcast! Dedicated to sharing useful information on professional club fitting, short game improvement, and effective practice techniques. I Create EXCEPTIONAL GOLF CLUBS – You Shoot LOWER SCORES!

Show Notes:

Welcome back Lance Reader – owner of KRANK Golf (22 Long Drive Champions!) in Tempe, Arizona.

  • Lance shares some of the history of KRANK Golf, and what lead him to develop the three new KRANK Formula 11 driver head designs.
  • The three KRANK Formula 11 heads are designed by “face flex” for different swing speeds. He shares more about the “face flex” design philosophy.
  • Another unique design element of these drivers is the ability to significantly change head weights. Lance shares why varying head weight is important for professional club fitters and golfers.
  • He talks about his personal views of the new USGA efforts to “Combat The Distance Boom.”
  • Lance shares some of the most fun Formula 11 X and XX success stories that golfers have shared with him (and yes I play for the X and LOVE it!).
  • Finally, Lance talks about the future of KRANK driver head designs, and how KRANK drivers can help recreational golfers have more fun playing golf!

Lance CONGRATS on the amazing success of the Formula 11 Drivers!

Useful Web Links:

Learn More About KRANK Golf Formula 11 Drivers CLICK HERE!!

Watch This Formula 11 Driver Video – CLICK HERE!!

(And YESGame Improvement Golf professionally fits KRANK Drivers!)

Shout Out!

To Mike Carroll, who has created the Fit For Golf on line golf fitness program (“The Ultimate Resource For Golf Fitness”). Fit For Golf includes exercises to improve a golfers swing speed, and also a series of golf warmup and stretching exercises. And thanks Mike for sharing my New eBook with your many followers!




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