3: The Good Glow with Julie Ledwidge


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Julie Ledwidge has an amazing story of inner strength, the importance of checking in with yourself and a lesson for us all on how looking out for a loved one could their life.

Today, she tells me about being diagnosed with sepsis just days after having her first baby Max. She brought Max home from hospital on Christmas week and was looking forward to a cozy Christmas at home, but days later her mum was alarmed after finding her shaking uncontrollably in her bed. They rushed her back to hospital and she was diagnosed with sepsis. The doctors told them because they acted so fast that they had saved her life. Today Julie speaks to me about her experience. She is warm, so funny and brutally honest about the impact it's had on her. It's so hard to tell your story and put yourself out there but Julie's intention is to make people aware of the signs of sepsis so maybe one day you could save a life.
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