How to grow a massively dedicated audience post COVID-19, how to create 50 new topic ideas, and how to know which platform is right for you, especially IF you are just starting your business.


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This past year, I’ve made a point to try a bunch of new things.

Because of COVID, my plans have changed from soaking in the stunning European alps to now … horseback riding.

I got a new four-legged friend. A horse named Princess.

I have to admit: before riding her, I was a mortified. I didn’t know what to expect. But after she galloped her way graciously while munching on grass (and ... farting), I burst out laughing.

I felt like I’ve known her for ages!

It’s funny though. Because just an hour before my hang time with the not-so-princess-like Princess, I just wanted to stick to what’s familiar and comfortable: my car.

Boy, how I would’ve missed out!

It got me thinking about all the things I had missed out on over the years.

While I’ve been blessed with many great successes, like recently celebrating our Good Grow Great podcast having listeners from 46+ countries worldwide, there were definitely some big screw-ups over the years.

Here are some of Thalia’s Epic Business Failures, in no particular order of magnitude:


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Listening to shiny object syndrome whistle blowers.

There’s a lot of people out there who will tell you that shiny object syndrome is what will bring DEATH to your business.

It’s like the world wants us to believe that we’re only capable of just one thing at a time—ALL the time.

And yet, we’re able to do things like driving while looking at multiple directions for safety before crossing an intersection, and we take notes while listening to something we’re interested in.

The thing is, while there’s definitely value in being consistent and sticking to bettering a few important things, shiny object syndrome is only a problem IF we don’t give our previous goals a realistic deadline.

Think about it. If we’re trying to learn how to ride a bike and only give ourselves 1-hour before we say: “Screw it, I’ll take a car instead”—then, yes, that’s a problem.

Because that deadline is unrealistic.

But if you’ve spent 5 years every day learning how to ride a bike and STILL can’t do it, isn’t it time to try something else?

The same applies at work and in business.

Go after all the shiny objects you want, as long as you have given your previous ideas and goals the time that they deserve.

Bending down to comparisons.

I remember a time when I was finalizing an agreement with a big company. The fee was in the upper 5-figures, which I thought was already decent compared to everything else out there.

But when everything is a done deal, they said, “Honestly, for you, we were prepared to give much more … like mid 6-figures.”


HOW did I miss this!?

Don’t repeat my mistake.

If you have something special to offer, big or small, be careful not to look around and compare yourself to others too much.

If you show up and serve in a remarkable way, you won’t need to.

Not lifting your market UP.

If you want to stand out in the sea of noise out there, there are really 2 things that your work must have:

  1. Standards: offerings you’re expected to provide, and
  2. Specialties: unexpected offerings that only you can provide to lift your industry, your market, your competitions, your clients and buyers—UP.

Most people only focus on one or the other. But top performers focus on BOTH.

  • Michael Phelps is not just good at freestyle, he practices with his eyes closed.
  • Oprah Winfrey doesn’t just host shows, she asks questions no one is willing to ask.
  • Richard Branson doesn’t just create Virgin airline, he made the passenger experience unforgettable.

You’re not just around to do what everyone else is doing, you’re made to stand out in your own way.

Raise the bar. Lift other people UP.

THEN, the money will follow.

Delaying challenging conversations.

If you want to grow, challenging conversations is a real business skill you need to develop.

Whether that’s with a potential buyer, your boss, a partner, an employee, or a service-provider—it doesn’t matter.

It’s like avoiding an incline when climbing a mountain.

If you keep avoiding it and looking only for flat roads, you’ll never get to the peak.

Thankfully, though, challenging conversations is much like my experience horseback-riding: it’s not actually as uncomfortable as it sounds.

The sooner you do it, the easier it becomes.

Treating everything equally.

I’m Asian. Hard-work is in my blood.

But what my blessed parents never once taught me was that not all work is created equal. So for YEARS, I’d grind away doing everything and pushing the pedal HARD on everything that I do.

Big mistake.

You actually can get MUCH more done by focusing on a few important things BETTER.

Of course, what’s important will look different for every person.


It could be that what’s important for you right now, is to grow your audience and get more visibility in your social platforms—which admittedly for me, is something that I’ve been neglecting in the past.

So to serve you and make you HUGE, massive wins on social media, especially if you are heavily considering having a bigger online presence, today we will talk about how to grow your personal brand online using social media.

What you’ll take home from today’s episode:

  1. How to create 50 content/topic ideas for your audience.
  2. How to attract your ideal clients with consistency and engagement. And;
  3. How to comment like a PRO in a way that establishes long-term win-win and client relationships.


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Today’s guest is Benita Samuels, who had spearheaded the internationally acclaimed I <3 NY Campaign, and who had worked with brands like Disney, Nestle, and Playtex among a few. We sat down to chat about:

4:40 How the “I LOVE New York” Campaign lead Benita to new media, digital market, then social media.

6:50 How to decide which platform to focus on if you’re just starting out.

7:13 How focusing on LESS but better, IS better than doing MORE.

7:34 The biggest piece of advice you won’t want to miss when it comes to lining up your social media with your brand.

8:35 How to know whether you are showing up consistently enough.

10:25 What habits have anything to do with attracting your ideal audience.

10:53 The top things you need to know about what each platform does, and the real difference between Facebook and LinkedIn.

15:42 How to leave comments on your platforms in a way that attracts the right buyers for your business.

16:25 The actual impact of commenting v. sharing v. liking and what they mean to your audience growth.

19:05 Which platform has a 65% reach JUST by engaging with comments directly.

21:26 Why everyone has a depth of content that is worth sharing!

22:31 How to use what you already know and aligning it with what people want, to ultimately get you massive wins.

24:51 How to use the regenerative power of sharing what you already are doing, and sharing it with others.

27:00 How to create 50 different content ideas in a one sitting.

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