Mundine's Truth Talking | Episode 2


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COVID-19 Shut Down – From the frying pan into the fire • WATCH • Fifty years ago there was a mass transition of Indigenous Australians from work to welfare. Jobs disappeared en masse and government stepped into the breach with support. A cycle of inter-generational welfare dependency ensued, with generations of Indigenous people condemned to poverty. • In an article for the Spectator Australia, Warren Mundine has warned history may be about to repeat itself for many more Australians. Government responses to COVID-19 have seen jobs and businesses destroyed and millions of Australians reliant on government payments. • How do we wean a nation off welfare? • Are we too complacent about economic recovery? • Do we have the risk settings right for COVID-19? • Hear what our Panel has to say: Warren Mundine with Joe Hildebrand, Caroline Di Russo and Steve Baxter.

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