Mundine's TruthTalking | Episode 1


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Why are black people who are successful, conservative or just don’t toe the line called “race traitors”? • WATCH: • Hosted by Warren Mundine, Truth Talking is live streamed to Facebook & YouTube where viewers can join the conversation with real time comments and questions as the panel discusses the important issues. • In this episode… A new documentary by Larry Elder, Uncle Tom, is a collection of interviews with some of America’s most provocative black conservative thinkers – those who are called “Uncle Toms”. • The message behind the Uncle Tom narrative is that successful or conservative black people have gone above their station, disowned their identity and become white. It’s a dangerous narrative – because it only makes sense if you believe white people are superior. The bigotry comes with various labels including “Uncle Tom” and “coconut” (brown on the outside and white on the inside). • Hear from four of Australia’s “Kings and Queens of Coconut Island”, Warren Mundine, Jacinta Price, Anthony Dillon & Josephine Cashman; four Aboriginal Australians who’ve experienced the Uncle Tom slur first hand. They will talk about their experiences and their reaction to Larry Elder’s documentary, Uncle Tom, and how it relates to the Australian experience.

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