Access Your Wild Man (DQ Solo)


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“The Wild Man is closer to a meditation instructor than he is a savage.”

-Robert Bly, Iron John

Think of it this way:

Man #1

He lacks an energy in his life.

He has little vitality to offer.

He is stifled, yet abides by, “the rules.”

He is, what you might describe as, “life preserving.”

Man #2

He has that sparkle in his eye.

He creates, generates and advances forward.

He isn’t opposed to civilization, but he’s not completely contained by it either.

He is undeniably “life giving.”

The difference between Man #1 and Man #2:

Man #2 has accessed his Wild Man.

Your Wild Man is your guide to examine your wounds, weaknesses, failings, fears and insecurities…

…and turn them into your greatest sources of power.

As poet, storyteller and NY Times Best Selling author Robert Bly would say,

“Accessing the Wild Man requires a willingness to descend into the male psyche and accept what’s dark down there…including the nourishing dark.”

When I accessed my Wild Man 6 years ago, my entire life trajectory changed.

I was no longer interested in safe.

I was no longer interested in playing by other people’s rules.

I was no longer interested in settling.

My Wild Man wouldn’t allow for it.

The Wild Man takes you to your scariest places…

…and brings you back deeper, stronger and more alive.

You are more confident.

You are more trustworthy.

You are more ready to live your fullest potential.

Today, we take our first steps into the concept of Accessing Your Wild Man.

I’ll see you down there. ;-)


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