Athens: The unexpected hub for Afghan women


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In recent months, Greece appears to have welcomed more women fleeing Afghanistan than any other country. In just a matter of weeks, Athens has become the landing place for more than 700 of Afghanistan’s female judges, lawmakers, journalists and lawyers, together with their families. They arrived in Greece with the help of NGOs, international aid groups, and several individuals who were able to secure almost instantaneous authorization from Greek officials. Journalist Nektaria Stamouli joins The Greek Current to discuss this campaign to get these women and their families from Afghanistan to Athens. We also look at where this decision by Greece to offer accommodation fits within the context of the government’s broader approach to migration.

Nektaria Stamouli is a correspondent with Politico based in Athens covering Greece, Cyprus, and the Balkans.

Read Nektaria Stamouli’s piece in POLITICO: How Athens became the unexpected hub for Afghan women

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