Greece introduces new measures amid a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases


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Authorities in Greece reported 6,808 new coronavirus cases on Thursday as the country experiences a sharp upturn in its daily infection rate, breaking record after record: 4,696 on Saturday, 5,449 on Monday and more than 6,700 on Tuesday. The situation in hospitals is also worrying, with data showing that beds are filling faster with new Covid-19 patients than there are discharges, and that the number of patients on ventilators remains quite high. In response to these developments, the government announced a series of new restrictions that relate to unvaccinated Greeks aimed at flattening the spike in cases. Journalist Nikos Efstathiou joins The Greek Current to discuss the trajectory of the coronavirus pandemic in Greece, the new measures, and efforts to expand vaccination.

Nikos Efstathiou is an independent journalist based in Athens, whose work appears in Kathimerini and other sources.

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