The challenges facing Libya's unity government, the destabilizing role of Turkey, and US diplomatic efforts


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This week the US sent its highest-level official to Libya since 2014, a move it says is a signal of its increased commitment to resolving the country's crisis. The visit comes as Libya’s new Government of National Unity seeks to set the stage for a national election in December. This remains a challenge as foreign backed troops, mercenaries, and militias are still present in the country, despite calls for their removal. Expert Aya Burweila joins The Greek Current to talk about the challenges facing Libya's unity government, the destabilizing role of these militias, and Turkey’s refusal to withdraw its foreign mercenaries. We also look at the steps the Biden Administration is taking to support the political process in Libya.

Aya Burweila is a Libyan expert from Benghazi and visiting lecturer at the Hellenic National Defense Academy. She is also publishing, together with Dr. Ethan Chorin, an upcoming volume on Libya titled Libya in 2021: What Went Wrong, What Comes Next.

You can watch Aya Burweila’s interview with Ahval here: Erdogan’s neo-Ottomanism in effect with Turkey’s foreign occupation in Libya

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