The Greek genocide and the hard work ahead in the fight for recognition


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On May 19 we commemorate the genocide of the Greeks of the Pontus region, in which at least 353,000 people perished. The Pontian Genocide, although commemorated and remembered separately, was part of Turkey’s broader genocide against Christian Greeks, Armenians, and Assyrians in Anatolia and Eastern Thrace that began in the spring of 1914. By 1923, out of approximately 2 million Greeks living in Asia Minor at the beginning of World War I, more than 700,000 had perished, and over 1.1 million were uprooted in the forced population exchange between Greece and Turkey.

HALC’s Executive Director Endy Zemenides and Kostas Ouranitsas, the chairman of the National Hellenic Student Association of North America and a HALC Leadership 2030 Fellow with roots from Pontus, join The Greek Current to discuss the continued fight for genocide recognition.

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