Why it is time to check the power Turkey seeks to exert on the global stage


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Is it time to check the power Turkey seeks to exert on the global stage? Expert Michael Rubin makes the case that it is in his latest piece for The National Interest - “The West Shouldn’t Deny the Big Picture on Turkey’s Erdogan”. Michael Rubin joins The Greek Current to discuss Turkish President Erdogan’s ambitions on the global stage and the methods he uses to achieve these goals, one of which includes using SADAT, a Turkish private military company, which Michael Rubin says increasingly acts as Erdogan’s personal militia. We also break down how the West can hold Turkey accountable on the global stage diplomatically, economically, and, when its proxies operate outside Turkey’s recognized borders, militarily as well.

Michael Rubin is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and a former Pentagon official.

Read Michael Rubin’s latest piece in The National Interest here: The West Shouldn’t Deny the Big Picture on Turkey’s Erdogan

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