67: Amplify Your Voice with Melanie Spring


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The very thought of hitting the Live button on Instagram or stepping onto a stage makes people sweat. What if I forget my words? What if they see my armpit sweat? Who cares what I have to say, a million other people have said it before me…
Today we’re going to learn how to Amplify YOUR voice and get PAID to do it. To do that I have the magnificent Melanie Spring.
In this episode you'll learn:

  • How to attract YOUR tribe
  • Nix asking for permission
  • How to differentiate fear from excitement
  • What's the ONE thing you must have as you launch your speaking career
  • Identify some of your biggest hangups when it comes to speaking and how to overcome them
  • What to do when you mess up when you're speaking
  • How to start ANY talk or conversation
  • How to overcome goofing up mid-speech
  • and overall, how to be a kickass human :)

Melanie is the Chief Storyteller & Approachable Badass at Melanie Spring Productions. She believes that when we share our stories, we connect with each other at a deeper level and when we make friends with our fear, we can step into who we’re meant to be.

Melanie has worked as a brand strategist with businesses of all sizes – from big brands like Five Guys to brand new entrepreneurs. She drove 7,000 miles in 3 weeks on the Live Your Brand Tour to find out why great brands work and discovered HUMANS were at the center of everything.

She’s an international keynote speaker, storyteller, and public speaking trainer and when she’s not rocking the business, she’s living the Colorado life climbing mountains and chasing sunsets with her husband and pup.

90-Day Challenge: ispeakwithconfidence.com/90days

Free webinar: irockmyvideos.com

Upcoming stuff: melaniespring.com/events

All of Melanie's courses & webinars: melaniespring.com/experiences

Instagram: @thatlauraaura

Website: LauraAura.com

Facebook: @thatlauraaura

Twitter: @thatlauraaura

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