Powerback 65: Build your Communication Confidence


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Speaking up, saying what's on your mind, having a difficult conversation, or addressing a problem is not easy stuff.
Most of the time, we make things much bigger and scarier than they really are.

Your voice matters – you give our power away by lowering or silencing your voice. This looks like...

  • Not asking for something because you don’t want to inconvenience someone
  • Avoiding asking someone to stop or change something because you don’t want to hurt their feelings
  • Not speaking up in the meeting because you don’t want to rock the boat
  • Not asking for what you need because you don’t feel like it’s important enough

Your subconscious wants to keep you save, but sometimes it prevents you from doing the things you know you should be doing.
This week, I want you to take your Powerback by giving your voice the energy and space that it needs. When you want to make yourself small, pull back, or silence your thoughts, pause. Gather your thoughts. Calmly and constructively address the situation. And find a resolution.
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