Happy Hour #352: Emmanuel Acho


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My guest for The Happy Hour #352 is Emmanuel Acho! Emmanuel Acho is a former NFL player, host of Speak for Yourself talk show, but most people know him from his viral YouTube series Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man which launched in 2020. He also released a best-selling book of the same title that I’ve been absolutely raving about since I read it! Make sure you pick up a copy if you haven’t yet!

I can’t think of a better way to kick off the new year than with Emmanuel Acho! In today’s episode, Emmanuel talks about looking back to find the beauty in the chaos of 2020, the lifetime opportunity of partnering with Oprah, and writing his book in SIX WEEKS. Y’all. Can you believe that?! He also dives into the topics we talked about on our family’s episode of his YouTube show, and what it really means to maintain Black culture. The number one question I received after our episode aired was “What does it mean to maintain Black culture?” This is personal for me as a mom raising Black children, and Emmanuel really challenged me when he said “You can raise a Black child, but raise them white-cultured.” I always want to make sure that I am not only exposing my kids to white culture, but to Black culture, too. I want to create a safe space for them to be who they are. For the full summary and links to the show, click the link below!

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