Happy Hour #354: Ben Higgins


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My guest for The Happy Hour #354 is Ben Higgins. Ben Higgins is best known from season 20 of ABC's hit series, The Bachelor. I am such a fan of the work that Ben is doing and I’m so glad he joined me on the podcast today! In this episode, he tells us about his excitement for his wedding this year, as well as his upcoming book Alone in Plain Sight which gets vulnerable about feelings of loneliness. He also dives into his transition of going on missions trips with a hero mentality to developing true kinship with people, leading him to start his organization Generous Coffee! I really loved when he said “The world you are comfortable with is not the world that most are used to.” It’s really easy to forget that how we serve is just as important as the serving itself. For the full summary and links to the show, click below!

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