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My guest for The Happy Hour #356 is Hannah Brencher. Hannah Brencher is an author, TED speaker, and online educator with a heart for advocating for mental health and the power of discipline in daily life. In this episode, Hannah tells us about balancing being both a new and working mom, leaning into our strengths, and creating boundaries for social media - you have to hear about her phone box! Hannah also gets vulnerable as she shares about going through a season of life-threatening depression, which led her to write the words from her newest book, Fighting Forward. She had to truly fight to show up for herself, and recognize the people who were showing up for her. I love so much when she said “The lies are loud...and sometimes the only way to combat those on top of truth is to say ‘Okay - the evidence is right here that I’m showing up, there’s evidence that I’m moving forward. But I can’t reflect on that evidence or rehearse that evidence if I don’t know what it is.’” For the full summary and links to the show, click below!

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