Episode 186 – Why life is too short to say no to your happiness with Maddison Harrington


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In this week’s episode of the ‘Happy Lawyer Happy Life Podcast’ I had the pleasure of interviewing lawyer Maddison Harrington. Maddison who I have come to know as ‘Maddie’ is an inhouse lawyer here in Brisbane at Griffith University. I met Maddison early last year when she was just beginning her ‘law land life’. And now, a year and a half in, I really enjoyed hearing how Maddie has enjoyed her first role in the law. Over the time I have known Maddie I have also been inspired by her advocacy, honesty and grace as she has shared her own life experience of transitioning from man to woman. This was a wonderful conversation full of law and of course life- I have learned a lot from Maddie and her willingness to offer her own expereince to better educate me/ us and others on a life experience that I know so little about has reminded me of the importance of knowledge to build understanding in a world that at times can feel so cold.

I sense this lawyer has a wonderful career ahead of her and I am really glad I was able to chat with her at this early moment in her career. I will be looking forward to seeing where #lawland takes you Maddie.

In this interview, Maddison and I also chatted about-

  • If Maddison was not a lawyer, she would have been in musical theatre.College of Law
  • Maddison grew up across NZ, Hong Kong, Sydney and settled back to Christchurch in highschool before moving across to the Gold Coast for her University studies.
  • Cross-cultural experiences, making friends, and fitting at different stages of our lives.
  • Maddison’s experience of being bullied in school led to resistance in her adult years.
  • Her first aspirations were to become a Politician and she started a double degree in law and politics at Griffith University in Brisbane.
  • While studying full-time, Maddison was working at Griffith University House working on copyrights, student placement, and contracts. This is where she fell in love with the law.
  • Why life is too short to say no when it comes to your happiness.
  • Maddison shares her journey of transitioning from a to a woman at the age of 23.
  • Be the person who you are – and don’t be afraid to be you.
  • Maddison’s transition has been very public and she shares the support she has received.
  • Education and kindness is the key to change in our community.
  • The importance of true friendships and valuing those who love you, for you.
  • The experience of going through puberty twice!
  • Maddison’s perspective on the difficulties we all face.
  • The tango of life and Maddison’s reflections from her journey thus far.
  • Maddison’s Happiness Tip

Sit back and enjoy this interview with Maddison Harrington.


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