Episode 188 – Valuing yourself so you can value your place in the law with Emma Fitzgerald


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In this week’s episode of the ‘Happy Lawyer Happy Life Podcast’ I had the pleasure of interviewing Emma Fitzgerald. Emma is a solicitor, with a background primarily in the insurance space but right at this moment she is the brains behind all things ‘Happy Lawyer Headquarters’. A great idea and a chance conversation has led to Emma coming to work with me for the past few months while she is madly studying in her after hours for the Bar Exam. I have loved the chance to work alongside Emma and thought I had come to know alot about her but thanks to this interview, I now know a whole lot more!

Emma didn’t set out to be a lawyer- she had politics on her horizon but a few years into her university studies a law degree seemed a good idea and fast forward a decade or so, Emma has built an impressive career in the insurance space. But it has not all been an easy run and Emma shared her ups and downs both personally and professionally and importantly what she has done (and continues to do) to live a life in law that works for her.

In this interview, Emma and I also chatted about-

  • If Emma was not a lawyer she would have pursued a career as a politician.College of Law
  • Our take on life in politics (from 2 women who can only comment from the outside!)
  • Emma grew up in Brisbane and shares the memories of her childhood.
  • Even though Emma had aspirations to become a politician, she found herself in the law after completing an Arts Degree.
  • Studying law at QUT, and the contrast between her high school and university experience.
  • Introvert and Extrovert… how Emma has come to find her place as a calm and confident introvert.
  • As an overthinker, Emma shares her contrasting experience of working for me at HLHL headquarters and some of her other roles in #Lawland.
  • Emma’s goal is to become a barrister, however, while this was postponed thanks to all things COVID!
  • Emma started her legal career at Crown Law working in insurance law.
  • Emma’s learnings from her life in the law from becoming a mother, managing family and high-stress work environments.
  • Emma’s lived experience of separation, financial abuse, motherhood and becoming a single parent.
  • During this hard time, Emma took 6 months off work to mentally recover.
  • Fear and worry in the workplace and Emma’s perspective from someone who is diagnosed with anxiety.
  • Rediscovering herself without the law and how a psychologist helped her figure this out.
  • Refining the conversation around what a healthy profession looks like in the future.
  • Intentionally bringing joy into your day-to-day work life.
  • The ‘Lawyering Space Podcast’ and her motivation behind starting this side hustle.
  • The future for Emma both in and outside of the law.
  • Emma’s Happiness Tip

Sit back and enjoy this interview with Emma Fitzgerald.


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