Hunter x Hunter: Episode 11


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Another bottle episode?! oh me oh my. Someone better rip someone elses heart out with their bare hands or imma be pissed. Mr. Oreo is facing Leroute – and it shall be a game of chance, a gamble, if you will, which I personally will, because Leroute wants it that way – gambling is her overall vibe. And Ill be honest before we go on – I’m psyched to get out of this room whenever it occurs. One bottle episode is interesting. Three causes bone scraping chills I’m kinda over – but I’m not over the show! That’s for dang sure! Actually, I think it stands to reason that if I was binging this show and not doing a show about it I would be totally fine at the moment because it would have not taken me weeks to get through one room in a story – ANYWHO lets watch Mr. Oreo fail, one of my favorite pastimes. Wanna get this podcast weeks earlier?!: Twitter: @JamesWatchesMen / @WestworldRyan

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