Hunter x Hunter: Episode 12


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We’re back and still in the trick tower during the 287th hunter exam with our adventuring party of PikaPika the stolid yet scarlet – the rookie crusher douch bot – Mr Oreo the racist scourge – Killowatt the vampire murderer – and Gon, the little engine who could with a nebulous morality compass. We’ve left the big room with the prisoners post heart attack – but not the kind of heart attack people Are used to usually heart attacks have to do with clutching your left arm gasping for breath well I suppose gasping for breath did have something to do with this particular attack but more so than that it had to do with KW straight merking a heart out of a grown man's chest cavity which was a high point within the three straight bottle episodes but it's OK because we're now in a smaller room so I'm sure it will be high octane and I'm not complaining listen last night I watched a edited version of the freeza saga you know the Dragon Ball Z Ark where Goku took 21 episodes to charge a spirit bomb while everyone looked both afraid and impressed and this version though was a 2 hour long movie of it that was great but I did get me thinking my attention span since the time I watched Dragon Ball Z at the ripe age of 12 has diminished greatly like if I can get through that God dam spirit bomb I can get out of this god damn tower @WESTWORLDRYAN

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