Hunter x Hunter: Episode 6


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This show is good. Episode 6 is named "A Surprising Challenge" and surprising it was for many a reason. On this podcast I dive into why on screen deaths are hilarious and why a truly anti #MeToo moment in the show is a weirdly positive one, ya know, not for feminism but more for the show Hunter x Hunter at large. Is there better art I should be using for this show? If there is please write in and let me know, I bow down to the internets art skills all I know how to do is edit myself so it sounds like I talk fast when in reality I take eight minutes a word and each episode takes 7 hours to record while an air conditioner goes on and off that I can't take out completely which drives me insane. Twitter: @WestworldRyan / @JamesWatchesMen Patreon:

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