Hunter x Hunter: Episode 7


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Showdown on the Airship! (Dirigible) We are now seven episodes into this TV show and I really like it a lot it feels as though I am slowly but surely definitely going to watch every episode of this although I do know there's a lot of them but the shift in character tone is truly keeping my interest. There are so many characters I haven't even met yet that I desperately want to, granted more characters might not be what I need right now. I keep mixing up Kurapikas and Killuas name and to be fair I have given them both nicknames PikaPika and Killowatt which are not even close to the same as each other plus one rides a skateboard and the other doesn't so obviously they’re very different. Yet I have messed their names up so many God dam times it made this episodes recording experience in particular the actual suck. I said their names wrong so many times and it's my fault I'm the dummy here but got damn anyway it was a pretty good episode it had very little to do with Mr. Oreo which is one of my main parameters for it being a good episode. Twitter: @WestworldRyan / @JamesWatchesMen

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