Ep80 | Meet Dr. Russ Daniel, MD on regenerative medicine


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Today, on The Healthy Charleston Podcast, we are joined by guest host, Nate Jones, and we are looking forward to bringing another informative interview with Dr. Russel Daniel. Russell Daniel is the owner and medical director of Southcoast Regenerative medicine. He has practiced medicine for over twenty years and is widely respected by peers both for his knowledge and technical abilities, as well as for his ethical approach to patient care. Many physicians after developing problems, have chosen Dr. Daniel as their physician.

Topics Discussed:

  • Dr. Russel's background and what is regenerative medicine
  • Reasons medical doctors may push back on the use of regenerative medicine
  • What are stem cells and how are they being utilized in medicine
  • alpha-2-Macroglobulin and arthritis... how does it help
  • The future of stem cells and how they are changing modern medicine
  • How Physical Therapy and regenerative medicine can pair together

Reach out to Dr. Russel:

Via website: https://www.scregenerative.com/

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