Ep81 | Meet Aaron Embry Physical Therapist, SCAPTA President, Clinic Researcher


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I am very much looking forward to bringing you another episode of The Healthy Charleston Podcast today. I was fortunate enough to be joined by Aaron Embry. Aaron is involved in research, treating patients as a physical therapist, and also serves as the SCAPTA president. We discuss some very cool ideas and concepts on how physical therapy can have an impact on our community and what the future of the profession is.

The biggest takeaway from today's episode for me was a question Aaron asked regarding what kind of impact a podcast or practice like ours can have on a community like Charleston. This was a very mind-opening moment for me and I hope it is for you as well. Enjoy!

Topics discussed:

  • What led Aaron to the political side of physical therapy
  • A rundown of bio-mechanics from Aaron
  • Does physical therapy have a unified definition?
  • Never taking away your love for taking care of the individual
  • Exploring the growth of the physical therapy profession
  • The benefits of being a member of SCAPTA

Reach out to Aaron:

Via website: scapta.org

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