S2E101 | Returning to Gym 101


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What’s up, everyone? Today’s episode features the team here at Made 2 Move PT and we are discussing a very important topic and that is returning to the gym. It has been a long 8 weeks or so with everyone staying away from their gyms and exercise so we felt compelled to give you guys the best information possible on how to approach this without hurting ourselves. Those barbells and weights are going to feel a little heavier!
Some of us have maintained our cardiovascular fitness, some of us better than others. We think everyone should be highly aware of what you could be at risk for as you jump back into your normal training routine and volume.
If you feel aches and pains that don’t see normal, feel free to jump on a free phone call with us! Be smart about how you progress and how much load you are actually doing. Get back out there and crush your goals!

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