S2E110 | Meet Joanna Gable, The Bees Knees Massage Therapist


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On this week's edition of the Healthy Charleston Podcast, Dane Gifford and I were fortunate enough to be joined by Joanna Gable, owner of The Bees Knees Massage Therapist clinic. When she graduated from High School, Joanna was encouraged to become a Massage Therapist but at the time had no interest. After five interesting college years studying Women's Ministries in Greenville, SC, she then taught in Seoul South Korea for three years.

Licensed since 2011 and having worked in a variety of settings ranging from the medical to the spa, Joanna began working out of her home in 2015 shortly after moving to South Carolina. While proficient in many modalities, she specializes in massage that takes care of your day-to-day living. She is also a certified Integrative Reflexologist and certified Sacrologist.
Joanna strongly believes that pain is not a lifestyle and we think you will know what she means after giving this episode a listen! As always, thanks for tuning in and don't forget to leave us a 5-star review on iTunes!
Reach out to Joanna:
Via website: https://beeskneescharleston.com/
Via telephone: (843) 608-8791

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