S2E113 | Meet Drew Dreiling, the Agape Health Solution


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On today's episode, I got to sit down with Drew Dreiling from Agape Health Solution and essentially I got to rant about healthcare reform and holistic medicine so this was a great one for me! Drew is super passionate about integrative medicine and it was super cool hearing about his story, his beliefs, and his whole approach.

A relentless researcher and writer, Drew published his first book in 2018. His latest book, The Dreiling Health Resource, 2nd Edition is a 400+ page compendium of essential, easy-to-understand health information (now available online through Amazon). Drew has a very cool outlook on health and taking control and viewing things as an opportunity. If you share the same opinions, you'll probably get super fired up for this one!

Reach out to Drew:

Via Instagram: @agapehealthsolution

Via website: https://www.agapehealthsolution.com/

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