S2E92 | Meet Courtney and Maggie from Iron Wolf Recovery


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If you or someone you know has ever dealt with addiction or is in some sort of recovery process, then this is the podcast for you. Unfortunately, it is all too common to have known someone close that has dealt with something like this. Both Maggie and Courtney of Iron Wolf Recovery share their powerful stories with us today and their visions that I think will make a huge impact on our community.

At Iron Wolf Recovery, they are on a mission to helping people cultivate a lifestyle that is nurturing to an individuals' recovery. The IRW model is based on a mixture of personal experience and scientific evidence. Not only has physical activity been shown to be effective in supporting mental health and recovery, exercise as means to reduce the vulnerability to return to use has a scientific backing. Physical activity has been shown to help to restore some of the chemical imbalances created by chronic drug and alcohol use.

Maggie and Courtney are two inspiring people and I think you will really enjoy their amazing perspectives on today's episode! Check them out!

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