S2E95 | Made 2 Move Talks Muscle Growth


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Why muscles? If you're not a lifter, body-builder, or an elite level athlete, why do you think there is a need to develop muscles? Well, this is the topic that our team at Made 2 Move PT gets into today! Maybe you're a parent that doesn't want to throw their back out while playing in the yard with their kids? That's easier said than done for some of us! Maybe you're a dancer that needs to be more resilient when dealing with some of the stress dancing can put on one's body. The point here is that we should all desire to have better muscle development. If you're strong, then you increase tendon strength, ligament strength, and also bone strength. Less injuries equals more time doing the things you love! This was a fun group discussion and the topic is very straightforward. I hope you guys enjoy this one. We did!

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