S2E96 | Meet Dr. Haro and Nicole Fava Orthopedic Specialists


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What is up, everyone? Glad to have you joining us again today on the podcast! I am joined today by our favorite special guest host, Dane Gifford, and we are talking with Dr. Haro and Nicole Fava of the Southeastern Spine Institute. They are both specialists in the orthopedic world and drop a whole bunch of interesting nuggets in today's episode.

Nicole works with Dr. Haro as a physician assistant and previously worked in Asheville, NC in the same role. Nicole was an athletic trainer at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill prior to becoming a PA.

Dr. Haro brings a wealth of knowledge to the orthopedic world having spent time working with the Indianapolis Colts, Chicago Bulls, Purdue University, Wabash College, among others.

We have an awesome conversation today and as always we enjoy having Dane jump in the conversation with us! Enjoy!

Reach out to Dr. Haro & Nicole Fava:

Via website: https://www.charlestonshoulderandknee.com/

Via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarcHaroMD

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