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Melatonin Usage with Kids, Training When Sleep Deprived, Sugar Addiction or Need For Carbs, Can Visceral Fat Go Away Without Procedures, Carnivore Diagnosed with Alpha Gal

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Show Notes:

News topic du jour: Does a ketogenic diet lower a very high Lp(a)? A striking experiment in a male physician

1. Melatonin Usage with Kids [14:07] Jim says: Hi Robb & Nicki,

My wife and I discovered you and your Paleo work back in 2011 and it's totally changed our lives (for the the better). Thank you.

My question is around using melatonin as a sleep aid for children. We've used it periodically in the past for our now 8 year old daughter, though recently I've noticed we've been using it with her more regularly - in particular now that the sun stays out longer and we're trying to keep our kids on their regular sleep schedule. Is this okay? 0.5mg seems to work really well, though now that it's becoming more of a regular thing, I'm getting concerned about dependency or other long-term side effects that I'm unaware of.

I asked a psychiatrist about this a while back. He voiced a more general concern about the general population just blindly taking things that the body naturally produces (like melatonin) without understanding how it works in our natural processes. He also didn't think there was research on the long-term effects of melatonin usage in children and therefore couldn't recommend.


2. Training When Sleep Deprived [21:17] Pauliina says: Hi!

I've been suffering from insomnia for over a year now. No acute stress or anything. Just hard time to fall asleep and stay asleep. I get only 5-6 hours of seep a night and the sleep quality is usually quite weak. I was on SSRI's for ten years and after I stopped the medication (gradually) sleeping became an issue and insomnia exploded. I've been wondering if insomnia is a withdrawal symptom of some kind.

I'm now having several health problems due this chronic sleep deprivation. This includes higher blood sugar levels, memory and cognitive issues, possible adrenal fatigue, blurred vision, etc. Also my IBS and acid reflux has gotten worse. It takes several days to recover even though I've decreased my training a lot. I lift weights twice a week (max. 30min/session before noon) and train Jiu-jitsu once or twice a week. I often just have to skip the jiu-jitsu (which bothers me!) because it's in the evening (6-7.15 pm.) and I'm just too tired for it. Makes me feel like a loser.

So long story short: how to train when one is heavily sleep deprived?

Thanks a ton!!!

3. Sugar Addiction or Need For Carbs [28:25] Lauren says: Hi Robb and Nicki,

I’m trying to figure out if I’m a sugar addict or if maybe carbs just help me function better. I’ve been generally eating low carb/paleo with some forays into keto for the last 10 years or so. While my blood sugar issues have completely resolved, I still struggle with an afternoon slump where I often feel like the only thing that will make me feel better is a venti Frappuccino with 3 extra shots or something with an equivalent amount of sugar and caffeine. While I never indulge to that degree, I’ll occasionally have some dark chocolate, fruit or some other source of sugar. I’ll immediately feel 100 times better and feel like a switch flipped in my brain and I’m a brand new woman. I’m wondering if this indicates I am super addicted to sugar and need to cut it out and maybe suffer a little before I’m rid of the addiction, or if this is just an indication that I am someone for whom keto is not ideal. For background I’m 33 years old, generally healthy, and nursing a baby. When doing keto, I supplement with 5-7g sodium per day. Thanks for your time and advice.

4. Can Visceral Fat Go Away Without Procedures? [37:21] Annie says: Hey Robb-

Thanks for looking over my question.

I am a 51 yr old woman- 27 years with Hashi's and I was just diagnosed with Reactive Hypoglycemia.

(Additional Back story- I've recently come through a 3 yr ordeal with adrenal fatigue and whacked out thyroid)

In a recent Dexa scan, it showed that I have a layer of visceral fat (and a much higher general body fat % than I expected) which prompted my Endo/Functional Med doc to advise me to start taking Metformin (I cried- I feel like I lost ) .

The scan results explain why I can feel the solidity of my ab muscles , but still have a section in my lower belly that is distended from under my ab muscles and not the same quasi-flatness of my upper abs.

Even though I eat Low Carb/ Keto and do HIIT/Crossfit/Lifting 3-4 hours a week , I cannot seem to get the fat from this area to reduce or disappear.

Will these combined strategies( low carb, exercise and metformin) shrink fat cells or make the fat go away? Or am I doomed to this to be my new, undesirable situation? It's not simply about vanity, its actually more about how I feel in a body that is not the one I've known and had to work with throughout the majority of my life. I've always been a mesomorph/athlete and usually around 20-22% body fat naturally (now I'm measured at 32%).

My question is it possible for that visceral belly fat to go away or get smaller through my current course of action? Or is that only possible through outside tools and resources like cool sculpting? I realize that sounds pretty vain, but again, it's a big change for my body and I am not loving it at all.

Thanks Robb-


5. Carnivore Diagnosed with Alpha Gal [45:15] Clay says: Hey guys big fan going back to the early podcast days (read all your books also). Anyhow (enough sucking up) started Keto a little over a year ago. Switched to 100% Carnivore a few months in (along with IF), lost 70lbs, blood markers outstanding and eliminated all inflammation and skin issues and most importantly improved mentally (eliminated anxiety). Last week I was diagnosed with Alpha Gal allergy (from Lone Star tick) that makes me severely allergic to mammal meat and diary. Any suggestions on how to stay as close to Carnivore as possible. I’m most concerned about maintaining fat intake since chicken and turkey are so lean. Thanks in advance! Clay from Mississippi


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