Inside the Parker - No Kershaw Redemption Yet; Dodgers/Astros Sexier Series; Rays O Questions; NBA Champ Eddie House Talks Series, Mookie


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This week on Inside the (Rob) Parker, Rob isn't buying that Clayton Kershaw hasn't fully redeemed himself after years of playoff disappointments with a Game 1 World Series win, explains why the series has less buzz than a Dodgers/Astros rematch, why the Rays clutch hitting.

Guests: NBA Champ and baseball fan Eddie House gives his early impressions of the 2020 pandemic World Series, Mookie Betts, and Clayton Kershaw's huge Game 1 win. KTLA Dodgers reporter Dave Pingalore discusses the vibe covering the 2020 Series, and what the series means for the Dodgers and Clayton Kershaw. Click here to subscribe and download all of the latest Inside the Parker podcasts and follow Rob on Twitter!!

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