Baseball loses two legends. Braves have some questionable fans in hot takes!


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I discuss an interesting fun fact about Tom Seaver, comparing his WAR with the Reds, compared to the players the Mets received from the Reds and their combined career WAR. I then discuss the passing of Tom Seaver and Lou Brock and their career accomplishments. I discuss some of the key Braves happenings from the past week and I ponder the idea of Charlie Culberson being converted to a full time relief pitcher. Braves Social Media Hot Takes are read and discussed. Here's a sample of one of the hot takes on this episode, "If Acuna is always hurt, why don't we trade him? I'd rather at least have someone who can show up on the field!" Plus more horrible takes from Facebook. I then read baseball player's nicknames, according to and you will wonder, did someone not know the real nicknames of the players and just make most of them up? I have a new segment titled 'How did their son do?' I discuss two legendary players son's careers and how far they fell from their father's careers. PUB's for this week-Raised By Wolves (HBO max) The Boys, season 2 (Amazon) and Switched The Movie, now available for rent. Twitter-@High_And_Inside

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