37- Work Life Balance Specialist & TED Talk Speaker Suzanne Brown


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For full episode show notes, please visit: www.hobbyhustler.com/37 Suzanne strongly believes in work life balance, especially while working a job and starting a business. You need to avoid burnout and create the mental space to work on your new endeavor. Suzanne is a work-life balance speaker, consultant, and award-winning author. Suzanne is a TED Talk speaker and has wrote 2 books! Check her our at www.mompowerment.com About Suzanne: - 2 undergrad degrees - Did not go finance route. Went marketing agency route, worked for 5 years then went back to get an MBA. - Left and said never work for a marketing agency ever again. But she went back and worked for a great agency, became a mom in 2011. Changed her life because her older son was born 10 weeks premature. Ended up working part-time. Started getting lots of questions about managing her time and how she’s been doing it. - Had a side gig for 7-8 years and since 2012, she went full entrepreneur. - 2 businesses, strategic marketing consulting business and speaker/strategist and author - Lifetime learner - Runs OKsuzi Strategy and Mompowerment In this episode, we cover: - Suzanne's opinion on schooling - OKSuzi Marketing - Why you may or may not need a marketing/business plan - Advice for people starting a business - Problems vs Businesses, how they work together - Entrepreneur Burnout - Suzanne's Morning & Nightly Routines - Mompowerment - TED Talks! Join Suzanne and thousands of Hobby Hustlers in our private online community: www.facebook.com/groups/hobbyhustler

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