39-Finding Your Brand with Doc Williams From Brand Factory


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Doc Williams got his start I digital marketing about 10 years ago and has worked with some huge names, such as: ESPN, VaynerMedia (GaryVee), AppSumo, and other Fortune 500 brands. Doc started as a physio therapist and as worked his way into several different roles, from CTO to CIO and has been in many start ups. Doc Williams is the founder of Brand Factory and has worked with huge influencers in the professional sports world, a notable being Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys. We’ve recorded this episode during COVID-19 quarantine and Doc has shared some great advice on what you can do to get started right from your home today! COVID-19 has created a lot of opportunity! Of course, it is very serious, but you need ask, “What are you going to do with your extra time?” Fun Fact: Doc Williams has had 53 JOBS in his life! What is Brand Factory? - Experimental Marketing & PR Agency - They help clients show up online in a professional way - They build the brand for them, in the industry, how they want to be perceived Did you always know you wanted to be an entrepreneur? - Yes, from a young age. Doc had a trading card business when he was 8 and 9. - From there, he started DJ’ing - He was also “side hustling” You don’t need to come from a family of entrepreneurs to be an entrepreneur. Doc’s parents were both in stable jobs all their lives! What is a brand? - A brand is basically a personality - How you move in time and space - To Doc, it is just your personality, personified in what you do. - It is everything from your swagger, to your email sign off, to your goofiness/seriousness - What makes you, you? o THAT IS YOUR BRAND! - If you are not comfortable being the face of your brand, you need to figure out who can be or how you can portray the personality. ------------ --------------- ------------- AND SO MUCH MORE! Get the full shownotes at www.hobbyhustler.com/39

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