32 - The Myths & Legends of Horseshoes and Farriery


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This week’s podcast is a special episode about the ancient tradition of farriery, and the folklore and myths of horseshoes. Horseshoeing goes back around 2000 years, so many superstitions and legends have been attached to the horseshoe over time. Listen on for an exploration of my 7 favourite myths. Help us improve your listening experience by answering our PODCAST SURVEY: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/WWS3Z5W Subscribe to my Youtube channel: youtube.com/drsimoncurtis View, order, or find your local retailer of my books: curtisfarrierbooks.com The Hoof of the Horse is a hoof care & equine science podcast by Dr Simon Curtis. Tune in for expertise and interviews from the world of horse hoof care. Get in touch: thehoofofthehorse@gmail.com

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